Who are we?

We are a fellowship of accomplices sharing one mission and values of our company. We have started out in 1999 and ever since have gone a rather long way which hasn’t always been easy but always interesting. We’ve united all the best in the company: the air of a friendly atmosphere inside our group, the synergy of our team members’ talents, understanding of our clients’ needs and bright, out-of-the-way solutions for the utmost difficult tasks. We are initiative, positive and adequate; we are always enthusiastic about things we do for this is not just a job for us, but a means of self-expression. We seek to change the Russian construction market in order to make it open, transparent and professional – this is what our mission is all about. But while trying to improve it we constantly improve ourselves and broaden the limits of our activities that now involve not only construction, but social issues as well.

What do we do?

We create communications in the construction sector in Russia and these communications match our values and beliefs. And they are simple: we create only substantial projects of substantial value and unconditional reliability. We strive to achieve our goals together with our customers by offering them integrated solutions in fields of construction design and calculations, installation and assembly works, licensed pull-out test, diamond drilling and total quality control.

How do we work?

Firstly, we work collectively. Every project is a result of the highest degree of every employee’s involvement in its completion. We are a big, goal-oriented team where every member is able of offering different solutions that can be optimal and crucial for the project. Secondly, we work qualitatively. Because not only our reputation is at stake, but the reputation of our client is as well. The best indicator of the quality of the work we’ve done is our devoted clients with whom we’ve been working for many years. Thirdly, we do our work on time. Because being on schedule is as important for us as doing a quality job. Fourthly, we work honestly. We are not a full-cycle company; therefore we invite our partners and their best staff to help us fulfill our obligations. Fifthly, we work in harmony. Working in harmony means that we keep the balance between our ideas and our client’s tasks. We always try to find the most proper and clear solutions. And finally, we work step by step. You can find out more about it, calling us at +7 495 799-9173

Who do we work for?

For everyone who thinks the way we do, who trusts our expertise and experience, for those who understand that the common sense and the idea behind our work cannot be overshadowed by monetary benefits. For everyone who wishes for his own individuality and uniqueness, who is able to think prospectively. In short, we work for everyone willing to use all necessary means for the development and improvement of the Russian construction industry as a part of the Great Russia.

Why do we work?

Our lives are the everlasting search for unique, but optimal solutions for different tasks. Nevertheless, once a solution is found we do not stop but advance further on, because we want you to like our job as much as we like it. And that is why we are always one step ahead of our competition.